The Sustainable Endurance Training Playbook

Chandler Scott
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As a triathlete or endurance athlete one of the challenges is finding a method of training that "works" for you.

There are many approaches to training.

But few that focus on maintaining your training for a life-time.

So let's start training in a more sustainable way.

Unsustainable training:

  • Random workouts with little cohesion
  • Injury and/or burn-out
  • Short term focus
  • Always adding more

Sustainable training:

  • Repeatable for years
  • No heroic efforts, just consistent work
  • Focus on key principles
  • Load when ready

For most of my athletic career as a speed skater and young triathlete, I was training in an unsustainable way. I didn't know how to approach my training in a sustainable way. But through learning, experimenting and writing I have developed this playbook.

And I have made it 100% free, so that I can help as many athletes as possible.

Start Training more Sustainably

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The Sustainable Endurance Training Playbook

0 ratings
I want this!